Ending the pine processionary caterpillar in Malaga

Mild winters and lack of predators, a recipe for disaster

The oriental wasp (Vespa orientalis) is an invasive species that has become a real and tangible threat on the Costa del Sol. Its expansion in recent years has been notable, almost exponential, and the mild winters mean that they barely hibernate, which means that the activity of these wasps extends throughout the year.

There is no need to panic, unless you are a beekeeper.

They are quite calm as long as you do not see yourself as a threat to the nest.

They are quite calm as long as you do not see yourself as a threat to the nest.
There were wasps before the arrival of this invasive species, some of a very similar size. Therefore, no special measures need to be taken. The main danger to people is that these wasps nest at low heights and even on the ground, which could lead to an unexpected and dangerous encounter.

If you find a nest very close to you, retreat without sudden movements to a safe place.

If the nest is on public property, notify your local council; if, on the other hand, it is within your property, count on RapiPlaga for safe removal. We have qualified staff, with the appropriate protective equipment, and we offer a guarantee on our services. If the nest is not completely eradicated or you have another nest within 6 months, we will perform the removal again at no extra cost, at a fixed price.

Can they be prevented?

The expansion of this species, which has found an idyllic place in our area due to the climate and the absence of predators, suggests that this is a problem that has come to stay. But here are some tips that might help.

Do not leave food outside the house and clean up the remains of barbecues as soon as you finish.

Prevent them from having access to fresh water, leaking showers, air conditioning drains, etc. If you have a pool, putting a cover on it also helps to turn them into saltwater pools, which in turn brings many other advantages.

To be as effective as possible, we treat wasps before dawn or after sunset.

We do this so that all the wasps are in the nest, doing it at midday will only eliminate a small group of wasps, since most will be outside looking for food and water. When they return, they will be especially aggressive and rebuild the nest with a high probability.

We use authorized biocides specific for this use that we can apply with poles with which we can treat more than 8 meters in height.

Our staff is highly qualified and has great experience, so if you need, do not hesitate, count on RapiPlaga, Fast and Guaranteed

At your service 365 days.


If you are a beekeeper and have read this far, I understand that you are concerned, and rightly so.

We recommend carrying out trapping for queens, seeking information on electric harps, and implementing them as soon as possible.

At RapiPlaga, we would be delighted to organize informative talks and workshops where we can share our knowledge and create a network of collaboration.

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