Pest Control in Malaga

Your peace of mind is our priority. We act swiftly and efficiently to solve your pest problems.
With Rapiplaga, pests will no longer be an issue for you. We offer fast, effective, and guaranteed services throughout Malaga, available 365 days a year.
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Ready for a Pest-Free Home or Business?

    Pest Control Services in Malaga

    Need to Eliminate a Pest in Malaga? We eliminate all of these.

    Eliminate rats and mice that can transmit diseases and damage properties.
    Exterminate cockroaches, carriers of bacteria and a sign of uncleanliness.
    Protect your wooden structures from these devouring insects. We guarantee lasting solutions.
    Eliminate ant colonies that invade homes and gardens. Efficient and guaranteed service.
    Preserve the integrity of your furniture and wooden structures from this silent pest.
    Sleep soundly by eliminating bedbugs, difficult and annoying pests.
    Control and prevent wasp nests, protecting your family from potential stings.
    Reduce allergies and improve air quality by eliminating dust mites in your home.
    Protect your pines and your loved ones from this dangerous pest.
    Free your pets and home from fleas, avoiding bites and diseases.
    Ensure a clean and safe environment by disinfecting areas from viruses and bacteria.
    Spaces free from mosquitoes, avoiding bites and potential diseases.
    Direct Line for Emergencies 12h a day, 365 days a year, also via WhatsApp

    We will arrive at the location provided, where we will solve your problem.

    Specialists in Elimination and Prevention

    Pest control company in Malaga

    We are well-acquainted with the pests that affect Malaga, from rats and mice to termites and cockroaches. Our experience and knowledge allow us to quickly identify the pest and apply the most effective treatment. We ensure that any pest is eradicated swiftly and permanently.

    If you’re looking for an effective solution against pests, at RapiPlaga we are ready to help you. With years of experience in the province, we guarantee optimal results.

    We respect the environment as much as possible, we use permitted products that are managed by an authorised manager. Together with the most advanced techniques, we have established ourselves as a leading pest control company in Malaga.

    Nº ROESB 1324-AND-750

    Wide range of treatments

    eliminating pests

    Service to more than 300 homes and businesses

    on the Costa del Sol

    We have been protecting your home

    from pests for years

    Rapiplaga at your service 12 hours, 7 days a week

    365 days a year

    Custom solutions for each sector. We guarantee a pest-free environment.

    Our Specialised Services


    We offer specific solutions for bars, restaurants, and cafes ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for your customers and employees.


    From hotels to tourist apartments, we guarantee that your guests have a stay free from nuisances caused by pests.


    Preserve the quality and safety of your food products with our specific treatments for the food industry.


    We help real estate agencies keep their properties pest-free, increasing their value and appeal to potential tenants or buyers.


    We guarantee clean and safe communities, protected against all types of pests.


    We offer custom treatments for large industrial spaces, ensuring a healthy and protected work environment.


    We ensure that health spaces meet the highest hygiene standards, avoiding any type of pest.


    Keep your urbanisation pest-free and ensure the peace and safety of all its residents.


    We offer solutions to ensure that vehicles and facilities remain free from rodents, insects, and other pests.


    Protect students and staff with our specialised services for schools, institutes, and universities.


    Prevent pests from damaging or infesting your stored goods with our specific treatments for storage rooms.


    Ensure that your shipments and warehouses are protected against pests, complying with international regulations.

    Your Trusted Partner against Pests

    Anti-Pest Solutions in Malaga

    Our service at RapiPlaga covers a wide variety of pests, from cockroaches, bird control, insects, to termites that affect both homeowners' communities, private homes, businesses, and agricultural areas in Malaga.

    Experience, Efficiency, and Guarantee

    Why Turn to a Pest Expert?

    We strongly recommend contacting professionals, whether for communities, individuals, or companies.

    Although acting on your own may seem more economical, the lack of tools and knowledge can allow the pest to resurface. In many cases, it can result in higher long-term costs and structural damage. It’s essential to trust pest control experts.
    Protection Year After Year

    Seasonal Pests in Malaga

    Some pests have activity peaks in certain months of the year. Wasps, for example, are more active in spring and summer. Just like flies and the pine processionary. With our specialised treatments, we guarantee the control and protection of your environment.



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