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    As a company specialized in Pest Control in Mijas, we offer a wide range of solutions to combat pests. Our services include the elimination of rodents, insect management, and the improvement of environmental health. We cater to a variety of places, from homes and community associations to restaurants, bars, food stores, factories, hotels, shopping centres, schools, medical clinics, and beauty centres.

    If you are looking for a reliable pest control company, or if you wish to improve the service of your current provider, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

    Pest Control Mijas Company

    What types of pests do we solve?

    We specialize in eliminating rats, mice, and other rodents, ensuring the safety of homes and businesses.

    We apply advanced techniques to eliminate various species of cockroaches, such as German and Oriental.

    We protect your property by preventing subterranean termites from damaging wooden structures in homes or businesses.

    We tackle ant infestations, including black, red, ghost, Argentine, and fire ants, among others.

    We prevent the deterioration of your furniture and wooden structures, stopping the damage caused by woodworm.

    We eliminate bedbugs from beds, sofas, and other hiding places through effective techniques.

    We remove their nests and prevent their return, protecting you from these annoying species.

    We reduce the presence of mites, responsible for allergies and respiratory problems.

    We protect your pines and loved ones from this dangerous pest.

    We effectively and safely eliminate fleas and their larvae for people and pets.

    We carry out a complete disinfection to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

    We perform effective treatments to keep areas free of mosquitoes and prevent their breeding.

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    Pest Disinsection in Mijas

    Available 12 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    We understand the importance of a quick response to any type of pest. We can be where you need us in less than 12 hours.

    Safety and warranty

    Mijas Pest Control Services

    Our pest management methodology, applicable both in Mijas and throughout the province of Malaga, includes preventive strategies and the implementation of specific treatments to combat and eliminate infestations of a variety of pests. This includes bedbugs, mites, cockroaches, mice, rats, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, the pine processionary, ants, fleas, as well as invasive pests like termites and woodworm. These can affect the integrity of a variety of places, from housing and community associations to food businesses, hotels, stores, health centres, offices, warehouses, industries, sports facilities, senior residences, daycares, schools, and universities.

    To ensure maximum effectiveness and safety, we use exclusively authorized products registered for professional use. Our procedures are carried out with specific tools and materials, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and protecting both our team and our customers.

    Company: ROESB 1324-AND-750

    Your solution against pests in Mijas and surrounding areas

    Leading pest control company in Mijas

    In Mijas, we stand out as leaders in pest control, offering customized solutions for homes and businesses of any size. We adapt to the specific needs of each client, thanks to a team of professionals and the use of safe methods and products.

    Excellent service 365 days a year

    Our services are available every day of the year, including holidays, for 12 hours a day. In the face of emergencies, we guarantee a quick response in less than two hours, ensuring direct and effective contact with our clients.

    Committed to innovation

    Committed to innovation, we strive to integrate the latest technologies and advancements in our pest control processes, always seeking to offer the best solutions available. Our clients' satisfaction is our highest priority.

    Registry of Operators and authorizations

    We hold all the necessary certifications and permits for pest management, including registration in the ROESBA and authorization from the Junta de Andalucía (number ROESB 1324-AND-750), strictly complying with all current regulations.

    Best treatments to eliminate pests

    Looking for a Pest Control Company in Mijas?

    We believe our success is due to our qualified team. All members are certified in health and are experts in pest management, with a deep understanding of pest behavior and biology. Thanks to our ongoing training program, they are always learning. We work with strict quality standards to offer preventive and control solutions that are effective and personalized for each client.

    Special treatments for any pest

    We understand that each situation is unique and offer treatments tailored to the specific pest, environment, and needs of the client. Our methodology is flexible and encompasses more than just prevention, detection, and elimination of pests. Detailed documentation of each case and rigorous follow-up are key to adjusting our methods and ensuring success.


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    Pest Control Services for Businesses

    Treatments to eliminate pests
    Control de Plagas Mijas restaurantes

    We guarantee the food hygiene of your customers and ensure the continuous operation of your business, even in the presence of pests in Mijas. We offer customized solutions for the gastronomic sector.

    Control de Plagas Mijas hotel

    We promise peaceful and hassle-free stays by eliminating any pest that may pose a risk, including bedbugs. We have insect and rodent extermination services specifically designed for the tourism industry.

    Control de Plagas Mijas industria alimentaria

    We meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in food processing and preparation places, using pest control methods especially developed for this sector.

    Control de Plagas Mijas inmobiliaria

    Enhance the appeal of your properties and the satisfaction of your clients by keeping your real estate free from annoying or harmful pests, thanks to our specialized services.

    Control de Plagas Mijas comunidades

    We employ comprehensive pest control strategies to protect the common areas of community associations from pests such as cockroaches and mice.

    Control de Plagas Mijas naves

    We provide a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment through expert protection against rodents, insects, and other pests in Mijas industrial facilities.

    Control de Plagas Mijas centros sanitarios

    We adhere to the most stringent cleaning standards and health regulations with pest control services designed for hospitals, health centers, and dental clinics.

    control plagas mijas urbanizaciones

    We offer complete protection of common areas in vacation complexes, improving the well-being of its residents and visitors.

    control plagas mijas parkings

    We protect your vehicles and parking spaces from potential damage by rodents and insects, with specific methods to eliminate pests in dealerships and parking areas.

    control plagas mijas colegio

    We ensure healthy learning environments with pest control services tailored to the needs of daycare centers, schools, institutes, and libraries in Mijas.

    control plagas mijas trastero

    We protect your stored goods from damage or contamination by pests, offering customized solutions to protect spaces like storage units.

    control plagas mijas almacen

    We protect your shipments against pests throughout the entire logistics cycle, strictly following national and international pest control regulations.

    Request your free quote now, and you will be attended by our pest specialists in Mijas. Regain peace of mind in your home or business.

    Customer Reviews

    Pest Extermination Mijas
    Juan Rustarazo
    Juan Rustarazo
    Teníamos un problema con unas cucarachas, en un domingo y se presentó Juan,operario de la empresa, eficiencia en persona. Muchas gracias
    Profesionales, educados, respetuosos, puntuales y excelente servicio. Cumplen con la garantía y las promesas del servicio.
    Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez
    Buen trato con el cliente y eficaces. Lo recomendamos 100%
    Jo Va Va (Jovava)
    Jo Va Va (Jovava)
    Monica Canada
    Monica Canada
    Rapidez y eficacia. Recomendable 100%
    Álvaro Cuevas
    Álvaro Cuevas
    Los llamé para eliminar un nido de avispas. Tanto en profesionalidad como en calidad les doy un 10. Las personas que vinieron a mi casa fueron muy amables y atentos. No les encuentro ningún punto negativo, estoy encantado.
    Juan Pedro Perdigones Gonzalez
    Juan Pedro Perdigones Gonzalez
    Servicio y profesionalidad en esta empresa los contrate para controlar una plaga y la eficacia y la acción de sus producto hicieron rápidamente controlarla y exterminarla de inmediato
    Cristina Cano
    Cristina Cano
    Los llamé para fumigar las cucarachas de mi casa y han pasado 2 semanas y de momento no me he encontrado con ninguna más.


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