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    Do you hear them eating your house?

    Termite Experts Malaga. We offer high-quality termite elimination treatments for homes and businesses in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Using cutting-edge technology and safe methods, our professional team provides a complete solution and delivers lasting results. Don’t let termites damage your property’s structure. Our personalized approach and attention to detail allow us to identify and treat the pest efficiently. Contact us today and live without termites!

    Termites are photosensitive and usually do not expose themselves to the sun, making it difficult to detect a termite infestation at home, and when there are already signs such as damage to door frames or mud tubes, it’s too late and a call to professionals who can diagnose the problem and implement a treatment to solve it is essential.

    Effective Termite Elimination in Malaga

    How do we work?


    Termites at home?

    At the slightest suspicion, call us. Termites are very dangerous as they can be damaging the structure of the house.

    diagnostico termitas

    Free diagnosis

    We perform a thorough examination using various detection methods to confirm the suspicion of a termite infestation.

    eliminar termitas

    Treatment application

    Each case requires specific action. We install bait stations in necessary places after diagnosis, attacking the problem at its root.

    acabar termitas

    Periodic visits

    During the treatment period, we make periodic visits to ensure it is effective against termites.

    Think you have termites at home?

    If you have signs of a termite infestation in Malaga, contact us immediately

    We conduct an urgent diagnostic visit at no cost.

    We use various detection methods to confirm if it is termites, where they are located, and how severe the problem is

    We provide you with a no-obligation estimate for the termite infestation treatment with a baiting system.

    Termite company in Malaga

    How to know if I have termites?

    Mud Tunnels

    Subterranean termites often build mud tunnels near the base of walls or in other places where wood comes into contact with the soil.

    Wood Damage

    Wood damaged by termites usually sounds hollow when tapped and may show signs of wear or small holes in different areas.

    Noise in the walls

    Some people report hearing a subtle sound, like a crunch or click within the walls, which can be a sign of termite activity.

    Stuck Doors or Windows

    Termites can cause wood to deform as they eat, which in turn can make doors and windows stick.


    Drywood termites leave small piles of excrement that look like sawdust or sand granules. You can find this near the areas where they are eating.

    Presence of live termites

    While it’s uncommon to see termites, if you find any inside or near your property, it’s likely there is a nearby colony.

    Trust a professional company like Rapiplaga!

    If you find any of these signs, it’s best to contact a pest control professional specialized in termites. At Rapiplaga, we conduct a complete inspection and offer an appropriate treatment if a termite infestation is found in Malaga. Trying to handle a termite infestation on your own is ineffective and risky, as incorrect treatment can allow termites to continue damaging your property and the infestation to grow unchecked.

    Termite detection methods in Malaga

    With detection, we can accurately establish the magnitude of the problem at no charge to the customer.

    Detection by sound Audiotermes

    This is a system consisting of a probe connected to a listening device that allows hearing termites in the wood even when they are far away. It detects sounds in beams, frames, furniture, etc.

    Detection using a thermal camera

    We also use a thermal camera to detect moist areas, sensitive to termite infestations, and hot spots, where the nest might be.

    Detection with a xylohygrometer

    With this method, we measure the moisture in the wood, as high humidity attracts them, and we can also discover construction defects that have led to the proliferation of the plague.

    Elimination of termites in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

    We offer a 5-year warranty when performing a termite elimination treatment in Malaga


    Our clients are our best introduction

    "I was really concerned about the damage to the wood in my house. I called, told them about the problem and their team arrived promptly, assessed the situation and explained the treatment in detail. After several months they have managed to finish with the termites and continue to visit us periodically."
    Juan P.
    "Not only did they get rid of the termites on my property, but they also helped me understand how to prevent future problems. I have to emphasize their approachability and that they have been transparent with the quote. You don't get rid of termites easily but Rapiplaga has helped us do it."
    Carlos R.
    "We have had termite infestations in my field for years that we could not completely exterminate. We found Rapiplaga on the internet but they came to make a diagnosis the next day. We have been using the treatment for several months now and the results are getting better and better. highly recommended!"
    María G.
    "We were very scared when we discovered the mud tunnels near the staircase. We called Rapiplaga, they did a diagnosis and even we could hear the termites in the wall with their measuring devices. It's been a months-long process but in the last few visits they've made there is no longer any trace of termites."
    Sofía F.
    "From the initial inspection to the treatment, everything was carried out professionally and meticulously. Their 5-year warranty gives me peace of mind should termites reappear. I emphasize their speed, I had the visit and estimate in less than 48 hours."
    Javier S.

    There's a termite infestation... What do we do now?

    We offer you a personalized estimate for your specific case to carry out a treatment using a baiting system.

    Treatment to Eliminate Termites in Malaga

    What does it involve?

    There are multiple reasons why we opt for the baiting system over the chemical barrier treatment. For example, the effectiveness of bait stations in eliminating the entire colony, including the queen, has been proven. The chemical barrier, on the other hand, only occasionally eliminates the queen, which may postpone the problem but never eliminates it. Additionally, the chemical barrier is dangerous for other animals that may live in the area, loses effectiveness over time, and requires drilling holes every 20 centimeters, half a meter off the ground, in the wall.

    The time to eliminate is very variable; in urban environments, we have managed to eliminate them in a few months, in homes located in the countryside, where they have more feeding options, the treatment can last 2-3 years.

    During this time, our team conducts periodic inspections, increasingly spaced out over time, to ensure the treatment’s effectiveness. Once we have eliminated the infestation, we continue to carry out these visits to ensure that it has not reappeared and that the property is termite-free.

    Termites are very dangerous and need to be eliminated as soon as possible. Their rapid growth and voracity for wood mean that the structure of the dwelling, if it contains wood, could collapse at any moment.

    Home remedies do not work; at most, they may displace them a bit but never end the problem. This occurs because until the queen is eliminated, the problem will persist, as queens can live up to 30 years and every year new queens leave the nest to form their own colonies nearby.

    It’s very simple! The quickest way is to call us at (+34) 951 250 052, write to us on WhatsApp, or send us a message through our contact form.

    We'll take care of the termites

    If you have a termite infestation, contact us, and we will conduct a completely free diagnostic visit.

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