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Elimination in Estepona of any pest threatening your home or business

    If you have a pest problem in Estepona, at Rapiplaga we're here to help. We offer a professional service tailored to your needs to eliminate cockroaches, rodents, termites, bedbugs, and any other pest threatening your home or business.

    Pest Control Company Estepona

    Pest control in Estepona for:

    We eliminate rats, mice, and other rodents. We protect your home or business.

    We apply professional treatments to eradicate German, Oriental, and other cockroach species.

    We do not allow the feared subterranean termite to devour your property’s wooden structures.

    We effectively combat black, red, ghost, Argentine, fire ants, and other species.

    We stop woodworm before it drills and weakens furniture, beams, and wooden elements.

    We eliminate bedbugs from beds, sofas, and any corner they hide in with deep treatments.

    We dismantle their nests and prevent these bothersome species from settling again.

    We reduce dust mites, responsible for allergies and other respiratory problems.

    Protect your pines and loved ones from this dangerous pest.

    We quickly and safely eliminate fleas and their larvae for humans and pets.

    Effective disinfection to eliminate all types of viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic microorganisms.

    We apply treatments to keep spaces free of annoying mosquitoes preventing them from laying eggs.

    Pest disinsection in Estepona

    Available 12 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    We understand the importance of a quick response to any type of pest. We can be where you need us in less than 12h.

    Rapiplaga, the company you need

    Pest Elimination Estepona

    At Rapiplaga, we have years of experience eliminating all types of pests in Estepona, Cancelada, and surrounding areas like Sabinillas, Manilva, and Casares. Our team of certified professionals uses the most effective methods and products to eliminate pests, ensuring long-lasting results and safety for your health.

    We offer personalized solutions for both individuals and companies, adapting to the needs of each client. We provide top-quality service using the most modern pest control techniques.

    If you have any pest problems in your home or business in Estepona, contact the professionals at Rapiplaga. We will eliminate your problem from the root.

    Company: ROESB 1324-AND-750

    Your solution against pests in Estepona and surroundings

    Leading company in pest control Estepona

    We offer personalized solutions for individuals and companies of any size in Estepona, adapting our services to the needs of each client. We have qualified professionals and use harmless products and methods of maximum effectiveness.

    Excellent service 365 days a year

    We are available 12 hours a day, any day of the year, including holidays. We handle emergencies in less than 2 hours. We guarantee personalized and effective attention.

    Committed to innovation

    We constantly implement new technologies and advancements in our pest control services, offering the most innovative solutions on the market. We prioritize customer satisfaction.

    Registration of Operators and authorizations

    We are registered in ROESBA as required for pest control. We are authorized by the Junta de Andalucía under No. ROESB 1324-AND-750. We strictly comply with all regulations.

    Experience, Effectiveness, and Guarantee

    Professional team for pest control in Estepona

    Our technicians specialize in pest control and have all the necessary training to perform all types of pest elimination safely, quickly, and legally.

    Trust our extensive experience successfully eliminating cockroaches, bedbugs, ticks, rats, mice, termites, ants, and many other pests that may lurk in your home or business in Estepona. We are at your disposal 365 days a year to offer you a solution against any pest.

    Protection against pests in Estepona throughout the year

    At Rapiplaga, we take care of protecting homes and businesses against any pest throughout the year. We offer preventive and shock treatments when necessary. Our goal is for you to enjoy environments free from annoying and dangerous pests for health.

    Pest Control Services for companies

    We have a customized solution for every business sector in Estepona

    We protect the food safety of your customers and the operability of your business against any pest in Estepona. We offer specific solutions for the catering sector.


    We guarantee pleasant stays without worries by eliminating any pest that may threaten, such as bedbugs. Disinsection and rodent control services designed for tourist accommodations.


    We meet the highest standards of hygiene and protection in food processing and production facilities with specific anti-pest treatments.


    Increase the appeal of your properties and the satisfaction of your clients by ensuring premises are free from any annoying or dangerous pest through our services.


    We offer comprehensive pest control programs to keep all common areas of residential complexes and communities protected from pests like cockroaches, rats, etc.


    We guarantee safe, healthy, and productive workspaces through professional protection against rodents, insects, and other pests in Estepona's warehouses.


    We meet the highest standards of hygiene and current health regulations through personalized pest control programs in healthcare facilities, clinics, and dentists.


    We keep common areas of residential urbanizations fully protected against any pest to ensure the wellbeing of residents and visitors.


    We protect your vehicles and facilities from damage by rodents and insects. We offer specific programs to eliminate pests in dealerships and parking areas.


    We guarantee healthy learning environments through personalized pest control programs for nurseries, schools, high schools, and libraries in Estepona.


    We prevent your stored products and goods from being damaged or contaminated by pests. We offer specific treatments to protect warehouses and storage units.


    We protect your goods from pests throughout the logistic process. We comply with pest control regulations for national and international transport and distribution.

    Request your free quote now and you will be assisted by our pest specialists in Estepona. Regain peace of mind in your home or business.

    Customer Reviews

    Pest Extermination Estepona
    Juan Rustarazo
    Juan Rustarazo
    Teníamos un problema con unas cucarachas, en un domingo y se presentó Juan,operario de la empresa, eficiencia en persona. Muchas gracias
    Profesionales, educados, respetuosos, puntuales y excelente servicio. Cumplen con la garantía y las promesas del servicio.
    Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez
    Buen trato con el cliente y eficaces. Lo recomendamos 100%
    Jo Va Va (Jovava)
    Jo Va Va (Jovava)
    Monica Canada
    Monica Canada
    Rapidez y eficacia. Recomendable 100%
    Álvaro Cuevas
    Álvaro Cuevas
    Los llamé para eliminar un nido de avispas. Tanto en profesionalidad como en calidad les doy un 10. Las personas que vinieron a mi casa fueron muy amables y atentos. No les encuentro ningún punto negativo, estoy encantado.
    Juan Pedro Perdigones Gonzalez
    Juan Pedro Perdigones Gonzalez
    Servicio y profesionalidad en esta empresa los contrate para controlar una plaga y la eficacia y la acción de sus producto hicieron rápidamente controlarla y exterminarla de inmediato
    Cristina Cano
    Cristina Cano
    Los llamé para fumigar las cucarachas de mi casa y han pasado 2 semanas y de momento no me he encontrado con ninguna más.


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