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    Legionella treatment

    At Rapiplaga, we offer customized solutions for Legionella control in Malaga, tailored to the specific needs of each facility. We advise on how to address issues arising in the management of Legionella along the Costa del Sol. Our team consists of experienced and trained professionals, ready to advise and assist you in effectively eliminating this problem.

    Choosing a company specialized in Legionella management and prevention is essential, and we encourage you to contact our experts to learn more about how we can help you.

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    We offer a 12-hour emergency service every day of the year across the Costa del Sol.

    How to prevent Legionella in Malaga?

    To avoid the risk of legionella in Malaga, it is crucial to rely on qualified and trained experts in managing this disease. Our expertise as specialists in legionella control is backed by a proven track record in protecting facilities, restaurants, and businesses against this serious risk. We implement effective preventive strategies and treat this pest.

    The main transmission carriers of legionella are water distribution systems and air conditioning systems in large structures, including offices, healthcare facilities, tourist accommodations, and shopping centers. Trust us to solve your legionella-related issues.

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    Legionella Prevention and Control

    We offer peace of mind against pests

    Why choose Rapiplaga to eliminate Legionella?

    We are an experienced company with legionella in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

    Specialists in Legionella Prevention and Control in Malaga

    Advanced solutions for pest control

    Legionellosis represents a serious public health challenge linked to water, caused by specific bacteria. To prevent and eliminate this threat, RapiPlaga stands out for our focus on specialized cleaning and disinfection strategies. We have trained professionals who act in strict compliance with industry regulations and standards. Legionella, naturally occurring in aquatic environments, often spreads through urban water infrastructures, appearing in systems such as pipes, heaters, air conditioning, showers, pools, and others.

    High-risk areas for legionella contagion

    Risk analysis

    Our commitment is to maintain a safe environment, especially in high-risk areas for legionella contagion. These areas include potable water systems, humidifiers used in industrial settings, water heating systems operating by recirculation or air injection, cooling towers and condensers, urban irrigation systems, and water tanks intended for fire elimination. Recognizing the risk potential in these infrastructures, we strive to implement rigorous prevention and control measures to ensure the health and well-being of the homes, communities, and businesses we serve.

    Treatment against Legionella

    Solutions tailored to your situation

    We stand out for perfectly aligning with your needs, catering to a broad and diverse clientele across the Costa del Sol. Our focus is on customizing prevention and treatment strategies for each environment, covering hospitals and clinics, residential facilities, including nursing homes and centers for people with disabilities. Moreover, we work for hotels, restaurants, gyms, industrial sectors, workplaces, and residential properties.

    Commitment to your satisfaction

    Your well-being, our priority

    Our confidence in the effectiveness of our protocols allows us to guarantee your complete satisfaction. If the problem persists within a predetermined time frame, we intervene again. At RapiPlaga, we are dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind and tackling any challenge related to legionella. We are at your disposal to offer efficient and safe protection.

    Trust RapiPlaga, experts in Malaga

    Legionella can be a serious risk to the health and well-being of your environment. Do not let this dangerous pathogen control your space. Contact RapiPlaga and rediscover the comfort and tranquility of a Legionella-free environment. Let us be your barrier of protection against this invisible risk. Call us today and start the journey towards a safer and healthier environment!


    Our clients are our best introduction

    "Since hiring Rapiplaga for Legionella control at our facility, we have noticed a significant improvement in the air quality and health safety of our offices. Their team of professionals not only effectively eliminated the bacteria, but also gave us practical recommendations to prevent future outbreaks."
    Carmen S.
    "When faced with a Legionella problem in our water system, Rapiplaga offered us a complete solution that exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail is unmatched. Thanks to Rapiplaga, we now have the peace of mind to provide a safe environment for our employees and customers. "
    Lorenzo R.
    Frequently Asked Questions about Legionella Elimination and Rapiplaga

    Legionella is a bacterium naturally found in water. It is harmful because it can cause respiratory illnesses like legionellosis or Legionnaires’ disease, a form of pneumonia that can be severe, especially in older adults, smokers, or those with weakened immune systems.


    Detecting the presence of Legionella without specific tests is challenging, as it does not cause visible changes or taste in the water. If there are water systems that are rarely used, cooling towers, or hot and cold water systems that do not maintain appropriate temperatures, there could be a risk. It is advisable to conduct periodic analyses in susceptible facilities.

    Treatments to control Legionella, such as thermal disinfection (raising the water temperature) or chlorination, are generally safe if carried out correctly and according to regulations. It is essential to follow safety guidelines and, if chemicals are used, ensure there is no direct exposure to family and pets.

    Depending on the treatment method, it may be necessary to evacuate the area during its application, especially if chemical biocides are used. The time required before it is safe to return will vary according to the treatment type, and you will be properly informed before starting.

    Since Legionella can recolonize water systems if the right conditions are not maintained, our company can offer follow-up and post-treatment analyses, as a complete guarantee may be difficult. The key is continuous preventive maintenance.

    Maintaining proper maintenance and disinfection of water systems, ensuring that temperatures are correct to inhibit the growth of the bacteria (hot water above 60°C and cold water below 20°C), and avoiding water stagnation are key strategies to prevent Legionella.

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    Legionella can be a significant problem in your facility. Due to the humidity and favorable climate of the Costa del Sol, this bacterium has the ability to multiply rapidly, turning a small infection focus into a difficult-to-control problem in a very short time. If you believe your place in Malaga could be affected by Legionella, do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you a quick evaluation and give you a quote without obligation.



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