Bedbugs have only vanished from the news broadcasts

The bedbug infestation continues to affect the Costa del Sol

As soon as it arrived, it left; the flurry caused by the news reports on bedbugs has been fading away, but not because the problem has been resolved or lessened, it’s simply old news now.

However, the bedbug issue remains with us; they have become tremendously resistant to chemicals. Now, tourism isn’t focused solely on hotels; there are tourist apartments everywhere, and a lack of prevention habits makes it a growing problem.

What can I do to eliminate bedbugs?

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There are many articles on the internet with home remedies and products touted as miraculous. Usually, when we act in private homes, the owners have already attempted to eliminate them on their own, of course without success.

It’s not something you should be ashamed of; it’s genuinely difficult to get rid of bedbugs.

What we have been able to verify is that some home remedies intended to repel them actually displace the problem to other bedrooms or the living room. In those cases, instead of having one area to treat, there are several, and the cost can triple.

Can they be prevented?

A series of actions can be taken, and others not done, to minimize the risk. We’ve made a video that we hope will help you.

Are they dangerous?

Bedbugs can be dangerous. Although cases of disease transmission have not been documented, the psychological effect of the bites, insomnia, anxiety, and the worsening of other pathologies in older people and the immunocompromised are well proven.

How does RapiPlaga eliminate bedbugs?

The procedure that gives the best results is the combination of thermal treatment, chemical treatment, and rigorous follow-up.

The thermal treatment can be of two types, depending on the technicians’ criteria. One is superheated steam at 180 degrees, much more than what domestic steam cleaners can generate.

tratamiento de vapor contra chinches

The other option is a “Thermal Tent”, which is like a special camping tent where we connect several heaters and raise the temperature of the furniture, mattresses, and sofas enough to eliminate the adults and eggs without damaging the furniture. It’s a slow procedure that requires a lot of effort but is highly effective and allows saving the furniture from being thrown away.

Tratamiento térmico contra chinches de cama

After the thermal treatment, we perform a chemical treatment with highly persistent products that will be effective for weeks. 

Tratamiento químico contra chinches

Finally, we leave traps with pheromones so that if any are left alive, they are attracted to the trap, allowing the client to monitor the infestation daily.

We take this opportunity to remind you that our treatments come with a warranty.

1 year for private homes and 6 months for tourist homes, hotels, or hostels.

Our staff is highly qualified and has extensive experience, so if you need to eliminate bedbugs, do not hesitate to count on RapiPlaga, Fast and Guaranteed, at your service 365 days a year.

RapiPlaga Team

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you join us on this informative journey and together make the Costa del Sol a safer and pest-free place!

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