How to Recognize BedBugs?

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    How to recognize a bedbug infestation?

    Perhaps this sounds familiar, you wake up in the morning and you have bites, you don’t know for sure if they’re from a mosquito, spider, ants…

    First of all, what is a bed bug? It’s an insect that feeds on blood, mainly from humans.

    How to easily recognize them? Adult bed bugs are the size and shape of an apple seed, but it won’t be easy to see them. They are nocturnal and are really good at hiding.

    Bed bugs tend to bite longitudinally, following the veins.

    With the following advice, we can have an early identification, the treatment will be more effective, and you’ll have a lower chance of them spreading to other places.

    Look for the remnants

    It’s easier to find the remnants they leave than the live specimens. The most common are dark grey/black spots, which are their digested blood excrement.

    The most frequent places to find these remnants are the edges of the mattress, the box spring or the upholstered base.

    Take precautions

    If you find remnants, it’s time to take precautions. Request a visit from us in which a technician will perform a diagnosis or treatment, while it is important not to mix bed linens with other clothing or put them in another room. Keep textiles in trash bags and wash them at 60 degrees for at least an hour.


    The treatment has a safety period of 24 hours.

    You will not be able to be in the treated areas during this period, nor will your pets, if you have any.

    Our company performs a combined thermal shock treatment with the use of latest generation chemicals.

    Additionally, we will maintain a monitoring system to check the effectiveness of the treatment over time.

    End of the Problem

    After the treatment, you will enjoy a warranty period. In some cases, we might perform follow-ups if the case was severe.


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